The CD's are great ! It was worth the wait. Thanks ! Definitely put it on iTunes. So when does the tour start ?”

— Joe M.

Thank you again for coming and supporting us ! You sounded terrific and your jokes were funny !” - Amy Rossing

— Harmony UMC 'Volunteers In Missions'

Good to see you. Everyone keeps telling me how much they enjoyed the music.” - Tricia Rossig

— Harmony UMC 'Volunteers In Missions'

It was great meeting you and hearing you sing in the style to which I was accustomed - such a relaxing evening - God Bless ! I loved your trombone!” - Laura

— Harmony UMC 'Volunteers In Missions'

Todd's newest guitar with hammer dulcimer strings --sings his river song” - Nels Saugstad

— Fan

Your lyrics touch my soul.”

— Audience Member Comment after show.

Todd's sapphire guitar and Doug Allen on djembe - priceless chemistry.” - Nels B. Saugstael

— Listener

You have a very engaging personality which was quite entertaining for those in attendance. My wife said, "We need to invite him back." That's a great idea.” - John Walker (no relation)

— Booking Agent - Thee Coffee House

Your voice is so soulful and clear, and your guitar is magnificent.:” - Sarah Ford


Your lyrics are wonderful !”

— Audience Member Comment after show.