Happy New Year ! 

2012 was a great year for live acoustic music here in Frederick County. Lots of great shows and wonderful music. I look forward to hosting the popular Sunday Songwriters Songfest every other Sunday afternoon at the Frederick Coffee Company, and helping out at Rod Deacey's Monday Night Songwriter Showcase in the upstairs dining room. I look forward to booking more shows so I can get my new songs out. As always, thank you for including my music in your life.

Gig Posters 

Promotion of your music is as important as the quality of the music you perform. If you want to play for money, then you need to approach your music career as a professional. That means be well-rehearsed, own and use good quality equipment (instrument, mics, PA system, etc), and have some sort of web presence (website, ReverbNation, MySpace, Facebook, etc). Arrive early and thank the owner and employees If the venue allows posters, make sure you produce good quality posters that are eye-catching and…

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