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Todd C Walker - Wispy Mop Music: News

Heading to the Recording Studio - October 11, 2006

Hey Folks ! I'm back to MasterView Studio in Ithaca, NY later this month to continue work on my CD project with Peter Hopper. I'll keep you updated on my progress. This inaugural CD will be just me and my guitar(s) performing as if I were in a Coffee House or your living room. To make the recordings sound live, I'll leave in the occasional goof. I figure its only fair since I make goofs all the time while playing live. I might as well make this 'Studio Live' CD as realistic as possible. :-) Stay tuned.

The Coffee Table Grand Opening - September 12, 2006

The Coffee Table's Grand Opening celebration (Sept. 1-9, 2006) was GREAT ! Todd performed both Friday, Sept. 1st and Saturday, Sept. 2nd to a packed house. Marty Hogan (owner) was ecstatic with the turn-out and has decided to make music a regular part of his business. Watch for future dates at The Coffee Table (Frederick, MD).
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